Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 9, 2018, 9:01 a.m.

The Calligraphy Society of Ottawa ("CSO") has a Privacy Policy to explain what information we collect, how it is protected under our care, and for what duration information is retained. These changes are designed to demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding our members' personal information.

Note: Members who do not wish to appear in our directory should activate the "Privacy" option in their "My Account" page. Only CSO Executive staff that need it to perform their duties will have access to your personal information.

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us!

Collected Information

  1. Visitors to Our Site: Site visitors have their HTTP requests logged, including IP address, browser type and version, requested resources, and where the request was referred from. This information is collected anonymously, and is not linked to any personal information. It is used to study and suggest improvements to the user experience for our website.

  2. CSO Members: Members provide their name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number as part of member registration. This information is used by the CSO Executive team to conduct regular business operations, including contact members regarding CSO events or updates, or to send uncollected newsletters, certificates, cheques, or refunds in the post. If you have given consent, this membership information is also made available to other CSO members in a member directory.

  3. Event Registrants: provide their name, email address and telephone number, which are used by the event coordinator(s) and/or instructor(s) before or after the event for the purposes of sharing updated information about the event, sending reminders, securing payments, creating personalized documents/effects, or soliciting feedback about the event.

  4. Contact/Subscription Forms: Contact, subscription and related forms collect your name and email address so that we may respond to inquiries or send you updates on requested subjects.

Protection of Information

The CSO has emplaced multiple electronic, physical and procedural safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access and protect the integrity of personal information whether it is collected in person or online. Personal information is accessible only to CSO staff on a need-to-know basis for conducting operations.

Data Retention

  1. Visitor Data: Visitor log files are destroyed after 30 days. Aggregate reports about visitor behaviour may be retained indefinitely, but contain no IP address information.

  2. Memberships: One calendar year after expiring, personally-identifiable membership information is destroyed except for your name, year joined, and membership years in the event you should choose to renew at a later date. We will completely remove all personal information upon written request.

  3. Event Registration: Subscription/attendance numbers and payment information for events are retained indefinitely, but contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses are destroyed 60 days after the last occurrence of the applicable event.

  4. Contact/Subscriptions: Contact information may be retained indefinitely due to the nature of certain requests. Subscription information is destroyed when unsubscription is requested.

Policy Changes

Changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted to this page of our website. We will make every effort to inform CSO members and event registrants of policy changes.