To help develop their knowledge, skills and creativity, CSO members may take advantage of workshops sponsored by the Society. The depth of talent in this region means that local instructors are featured several times a year; The CSO has also hosted workshops facilitated with instructors from Germany, Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Canada.

Workshops are also open to non-members at a small additional cost, and space permitting. Pre-registration is a must. Please read the Workshop Policies page for more details.

Squished, Stretched and Misshapen Letters

Event Date:
Rick Draffin
Skill Level:

We will start with normal alphabets and then squish and stretch them in different ways to create new misshapen letterfoms. These new shapes from your imagination can make a statement by themself or can be the center point of a calligraphy piece.

Ruling Pen Calligraphy with Julian Waters

Event Dates:
Julian Waters
Skill Level:

Since the great German calligrapher/type designer Fritz Poppl started using ruling pens in the 1950s, the Ruling Pen (also folded pen, cola pen etc) has shown at least two personalities: a wonderful tool for:

  1. careful drawing letters and graphics, including capitals and finished work, and
  2. for expressive textural writing and mark making...