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Program: Lily Yee-Sloan shares stories about art and life

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Lily Yee-Sloan

Join us for Lily’s slide presentation featuring personal stories about the people and events that have shaped her as an artist. She’ll talk about her growth as a calligrapher, share lessons from the stumbling blocks she’s tripped over, and discuss tips for staying motivated. Whether you’re starting out as a calligrapher, you’ve been lettering for years, or you're stalled, we hope you’ll find something in Lily’s story that speaks to you and sheds light for the journey ahead.

Lily Yee-Sloan, a calligrapher and text artist, has been making marks for over 40 years. Following careers in laboratory medicine and university governance, she now works out of her home studio in Toronto.

She uses mixed media to marry the medium and the message. Art formats range from books to boxes to clothing to stone. Lately, she has been designing artist books.

She has a knack for understanding student needs. Building incrementally on assimilated skills, she strives to inspire original expression. It’s thrilling when a student lights up with discovery and experiences an “aha moment”.

Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries in North America, published in various periodicals, including Letter Arts Review, and books like ABC Canada, and is enjoyed in private collections in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Philosophy Experimentation motivates the artist to grow. To become complacent is to stagnate. Lily believes that only two obstacles constrain creative achievement: limited skill and unfeasible design ideas. Limited skill compels the artist to experiment and explore. Unfeasible design ideas die hard—but spark ingenuity before fizzling. Otherwise, the artist knows no limits.


Elevator-accessible with key; Wheelchair accessible