Event Policies

  1. Courses constitute six two-hour classes taking place over a six-week period. “Local” one-day workshops are taught by expert local instructors. “Major” two-(or more) day workshops are usually taught by prominent out-of-town instructors and are priced according to the instructor’s fee, accommodation and travel expenses. Events are priced on a cost recovery/break-even basis. Should there be a surplus from a CSO-hosted event, the excess will be used to augment subsequent marginal events.

  2. Events have a limited capacity (usually between 10 and 15 participants). Additional sign-ups will be placed on a waiting list; if a spot becomes available people on the waiting list will be notified in order of listing.

  3. Priority in registration will be given to CSO members until one month prior to an event. After that members and non-members registration will be accepted on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

  4. Members of selected letter and book arts guilds will be charged the member fee.

  5. Pre-registration for an event does not guarantee a seat until your non-refundable deposit is received by the CSO event instructor or coordinator. A person is considered registered when a deposit (or full payment) has been made. Full payment is due no later than the prescibed date for each event. People who register and then discover that they cannot attend should contact the event instructor or coordinator ASAP.

  6. A non-refundable deposit fee is considered a commitment to attend the event. Cancellation will result in forfeiture of the deposit or full payment, unless a replacement is found. The event instructor or coordinator will attempt to fill registration cancellations from the waiting list, if available. If this is not possible, the person dropping out is responsible for arranging a replacement and transfer of the registration fee with the replacement person. At the discretion of the CSO Executive Committee, based on special circumstances only, a full or partial refund may be granted.

  7. The CSO reserves the right to cancel an event with insufficient registration. If the CSO cancels the event, fees will be refunded.

  8. Register for all events using the CSO website or at CSO's monthly meetings.

  9. Once you have pre-registered for a workshop, see our payment information page to review your payment options.