Anniversary Colouring Book Project

Posted by
Judy Bainbridge
With input from the colouring book subcommittee

To celebrate our 35th anniversary in 2019, the CSO is undertaking the creation of a colouring book featuring our own members' artwork.

Each member will receive a free book and there will be extras available for purchase.

In order to participate, you'll need to create a design that fits the format of our intended book, and submitted by our deadline of our February 2nd general meeting. The details are below.

  • Finished artwork should be on 8½" x 11" page, or a larger paper with a drawn 8½" x 11" guideline
  • Artwork must leave at least a ½" margin on all four sides
  • Artwork must be submitted as original physical media for digitization; please don't submit your own scans of your work
  • If your artwork is being created electronically (i.e. scan and manipulate), please contact Kevin for details on submission
  • Please note editors may slightly resize your work to fit the book's format/design
  • Artwork may be in either portrait or landscape orientation, but the book's cover will be in the more conventional portrait orientation
  • If the intended orientation of your artwork isn't clear by its design, please indicate (i.e. write "spine" in pencil on the back of the artwork along the edge you wish attached to the binding)
  • Your design may be a letter, a word, a text, and include any decoration or images you want, either around or within the letters
  • Provide interesting spaces for people to colour in
  • Designs must be in black and white only
  • Please carefully erase any pencil lines/guidelines etc. to make digitization easier
  • You may use bleed-proof white or scraping to clean up mistakes etc.
  • If you have questions, or would like input on your design, please contact one of the colouring book committee members
  • If you want attribution or to make a copyright claim on your artwork, include it in black and white as part of your design
  • If you are not concerned about copyright or attribution, you must still include your name on the back of the artwork to return it to you once digitized
Contribution Limits
  • We encourage each member to submit one design
  • You are not limited in the number of designs you submit
  • We may not be able to use all submissions
  • Designs must be submitted in hard copy to Kevin Williams on or before our February 2nd general meeting
  • Electronic designs — please contact Kevin