Meeting: Paper Potpourri

Event Date:
Susan Pinard and Nancy French

Nancy French will talk about the various characteristics of her papers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bring your colouring book designs to remit at the meeting! They are due if you want your design included in the CSO's colouring book project. Make sure to include any text (artist attribution, copyright statement, etc.) somewhere in the artwork itself, and ensure your name is labeled on the back so it can be returned to you once digitized.

Gallery Challenge Words:

Majuscule, Nib, Oblique


Parking is available to front, and to the left of the building.

Enter via the main entrance at the front of the building, then descend the staircase, turn right, then left to reach Luther Hall.

An elevator is available for accessibility.

We are meeting in the EAST HALL for this meeting; which is on the East side of the building.

Our normal room, Luther Hall, is reserved by another group for this date.